reformed theology

Old, yet new. Traditional but contemporary. Rather than being a kind of disjointed paradox, those concepts get to the very core of what we believe: at theology rooted in the traditions of the Bible, yet always open to new insights from God's Spirit.

There are five key elements of our Reformed theology:

Reformed according to the Word of God:
You could say our Church has an enthusiastic commitment to the Bible. That emphasis is the basis of the Church's life and faith and its greatest gift from the Reformers, who opened God's Word to everyone and insisted that the church be based on that word. The Bible is taught in our church, preached from the pulpit, and applied in the community. There is no Colts Neck Reformed Church apart from an understanding of itself as a biblical people.

Reformed but always Reforming:
The original Reformers believed that God's Spirit worked in the world as a guide to understanding the Bible. Our church believes that the Spirit still challenges us to examine our faith through the Scriptures to determine how we should live in this day and age.

Decently and in order:
Reformed faith says that the final authority of the church is Jesus Christ. We have put in place an order that serves Christ through a series of groups and bodies with specific responsibilities. We hold each other accountable for our ministries in Christ's name.

Unity amid diversity:

God has given a wide array of gifts to his people; some are called to be teachers or prophets in our midst, others preservers of heritage, others leaders and witnesses. We are committed to using all these gifts, even when some inevitably bump into each other.

One part of Christ's body:
Our church continues to foster its relationships with other churches and denominations as a witness to our belief that: in Christ there is no east or west. And we continue to support witnesses from our midst to all the peoples of the world, so that they too many hear the saving grace of Christ.