what's happening at cnrc?!

Check this page often to see everything you need to know about what's happening at CNRC! 

  • Our Current collections for our Mission Partners

    We are collecting food and other items for Open Door Food Pantry in Freehold (drop off during Coffee & Fellowship on the first Sunday of each month or in the church narthex any other Sunday).  Red text indicates items that are greatly needed. Go to their Most Needed List page for the most up-to-date needs and to print the list.

    • canned Spam, chicken, and salmon
    • salt - 1lb container
    • breadcrumbs - no jumbo sizes please
    • cookies
    • ketchup, mayo
    • mustard, BBQ sauce
    • Rica A Roni
    • pancake mix
    • pancake syrup
    • fruit cups
    • apple sauce
    • boxed cereal
    • cookies
    • crackers
    • cooking oil - no jumbo sizes please
    • vinegar - no jumbo sizes please
    • salad dressing - ranch and Italian
    • pasta sauce
    • crushed tomatoes
    • 5lb bags of sugar and flour
    • frosting
    • boxed milk
    • apple juice bottles - 64oz
    • Ensure, Boost, Glucerna
    • canned coffe and boxed tea
    • Granola, protien, breakfast, and cereal bars
    • laundry detergent
    • soap, shampoo, conditioner
    • toilet paper, paper towels
    • tissues
    • diapers, sizes newborn, 4, 5, 6
    Raising Hope for Others assembles comfort bags for local hospitals and individuals (drop off during Coffee & Fellowship during the month of February)
    • fuzzy socks
    • mini/small hand sanitizers
    • mini/small lotions
    • lip balm
    • puzzle books
    • note cards]
    • journals
    • coloring books
    • colored pencils

  • in-person worship

    We are currently worshipping in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 9:15 and 11:00am.  The 9:15 service is live-streamed on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel for those who prefer to worship from home.

  • 2-1-1

    2-1-1 HELPLINE is a 24/7 helpline for COVID-19 information including vaccines,

    mental health support and economic relief information. For assistance, dial 2-1-1

    or visit http://www.helplinecenter.org.

  • Covid-19 vaccinations

    If you are interested in receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, please go vaccine page of the “NJ Covid-19 Information Hub” for information.

  • Ongoing Zoom meetings and items

    Link to our ongoing Zoom meetings and items on our "BE CONNECTED" page.

    • Prayer Time, Thursdays, 9:15 a.m. via Zoom
    • Worship services live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube, Sundays at 9:15 a.m.
    • Women's Coffee Break Bible Study, Thursdays from 9:30-11:00am via Zoom.
    • Evening Bible Study on Thursday evenings.  The schedule changes as new topics/series are introduced.  Check the weekly announcements for schedule information or call the church office.
  • Find us!


    • Search "Colts Neck Reformed Church" and you will find us. "Like" our page and you will be notified when we go live or when we add a new post. On this page, we livestream our Sunday services, we post church updates, daily devotions, and "Moments with Scott" videos. Invite your friends and family to "like" our page!
    • Search "Colts Neck Reformed Church" and you will find us.  Click on the "SUBSCRIBE" button to add us to your list of channels.  We livestream our Sunday services to this channel, we post "Moments with Scott" videos, and any other videos that we create for the congregation.  If you click on the little notification bell icon and select "ALL", you will receive notifications when new content is added.
    • Search for coltsneckrc and click the "Follow" button to see posts.  Pastor Gene posts some really fun and informational content.  You will definitely laugh and most certainly ponder!
    • We have a hashtag!  #CNRCATHOME represents the unity of our church family - we are in this together; church at home for now.  We even have a #CNRCATHOME Facebook frame that you can add to your Facebook profile picture. If you share anything from our social media pages, you should add #cnrcathome to your post; if you add something to your own social media accounts that pertain to CNRC you can also add #cnrcathome - this way we can all see who's in it together with us!