endowment fund

What is the Endowment Fund? This is a church fund that holds gifts that were given as a part of a bequest. There are three ways this can be done. First a person can designate the church be a recipient in a will. Second, the church is named in an insurance policy. Third, the church is given money as part of a designated giving plan, such as a charitable remainder trust. The endowment monies are typically larger than the gifts given to the Memorial Fund. The Endowment Fund was established in 2001 with a gift from the estate of a church member in the amount of $10,000. the principle is preserved in perpetuity and a designated committee of church members monitors the fund's investments.

What are these monies used for? The principle is preserved, but interest monies may be rolled over or used. Consistory allocates interest monies, but under our by-laws, they can only be used for see money for new programs and giving to missions. This money has funded such things as the leadership of a summer intern program, a new church start, a youth-group initiative, and lessons for emerging organist.

How do I give to this Fund? Simply include the church in your will - your attorney can help set this up. If you wish to make a gift through a charitable remainder trust or similar vehicle, a certified financial planner can explain the tax advantages of making such a gift. Members of the Endowment Committee can provide basic information, but are not qualified to give personal financial advice.

Who is on the Endowment Committee? Mike O'Hara, chairperson, Paul Anderson, treasurer/secretary and Consistory liaison, Paul MacClellan, Greg Robinson, and Joe Giles. Rev. Scott Brown is an ex-officio member. If you'd like to be in contact with this committee and its members,email the church office and you will be connected to the proper person.