Memorial fund

This is a fund that hold monetary gifts given in memory (or sometimes, in honor) of a person. This is where the "please make a donation to the Colts Neck Reformed Church in lieu of flowers" are deposited. Donations to the Memorial Fund come from a wide variety of people, giving $25 to $100 at a time.

How do I give to this fund? You simply send in the check to the church office (P.O. Box 57, Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722), noting the person that you are memorializing or honoring. The family of the person is then notified of your gift (not the amount, just that a gift was given from you; if we are not likely to have that address, please include that so that appropriate acknowledgement might be sent). You are also sent a note indicating that your gift was received. A record of gifts (again, not amounts) is kept in a permanent book.

What are these monies used for? Memorial funds are dispersed by Consistory action, typically in the areas of worship or Sanctuary enhancement. Past uses have included children's choir robes, new hymnals, sound system needs, and an electronic keyboard/synthesizer. Again, once a gift is given to the Memorial Fund, the Consistory is the discretionary body. No one can come and say, "I'm ready now to decide what to do with the money given in memory of my mother." And yet, such gifts, given in love and tribute, make a wonderful lasting difference to the ongoing life of the church and to the glory of God.