holy yoga

These classes are appropriate for any level of skill. Do not be fearful if you feel that you are not flexible or strong enough for yoga. Holy Yoga is more about the Holy than the Yoga, and is very accessible to people of all capabilities.

Holy Yoga Restore is Yin style - poses are held for 3-5 minutes each to release tension and elongate the muscles. This flow is low moving and relaxing; it is a restorative moving worship of Jesus. Poses are performed on a mat.

Holy Yoga Balance is for people who want to improve their balance and prevent falls. This class is useful for anyone with balance issues due to inner ear issues, physical challenges, the aging process, etc. Poses are performed in a chair or standing.

Holy Yoga Senior/Chair is for older adults who want to stretch and strengthen without getting down to or up from a mat. We glorify our Father through movement. Poses are performed in a chair or standing.

Holy Yoga Gratitude is an evening class adaptable to all fitness levels. Poses can be performed on a mat, or in a chair. Poses include heart-openers and forward bends, to represent our gratitude and appreciation of our Lord and Savior.

Our wonderful church does not charge for these classes. If a student is able, they can make an optional donation to the church to help support the Health and Wellness Ministries, as well as other programs. If a financial donation is not possible, we just ask that students come out and worship with our church family on a Sunday morning - bring a friend along too!  Or just pay it forward - volunteer at our church, or elsewhere; pray for someone; write to or visit someone who could benefit from a note or visit.

For one on one yoga therapy/sessions, Dana offers two sessions for free. If more sessions are wanted, the charge is $50/hour. Specific financial situations can be discussed and considered. Contact Dana, Director of Health and Wellness Ministries, with any questions regarding the Holy Yoga program here at Colts Neck Reformed Church. 

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and

with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30