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Lonnie is a retired nurse and Reiki practitioner. She has extensive Reiki training and formerly worked at The New Jersey Center for the Healing Arts. Lonnie sees her Reiki practice as a gift from God and she feels called to share that gift for the benefit of others and to God's glory.

Reiki is a practice that focuses on the energy which runs through our bodies and animates our life. The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words - Rei is a Japanese word which can express the idea of God and Ki is a Japanese word for life energy. Reiki is a practice of focusing and guiding that life energy to promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well being. During a session , Lonnie places her hands in a series of locations on a client's body including the head, neck, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet to promote stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. If a person is uncomfortable with physical touch, Reiki can also be practiced without direct contact.

Reiki can be done concurrently with other medical and therapeutic techniques to promote wellness, to reduce the effects of chronic illness, and to help promote recovery after surgery and other medical procedures. People who are in good health can use Reiki to encourage relaxation and stress reduction. These sessions are offered at no charge; an optional donation can be made to the church to support the Health and Wellness Ministries as well as other programs.

Contact Lonnie at 732-833-8394 to set up a confidential appointment. email