colts Neck Reformed Church Nursery School

We are a cooperative nursery school.  What does this this mean?  It means that parent participation in the classroom is encouraged and accommodated.  The family selecting the cooperative option will  have one parent/guardian scheduled into the classroom as the teacher's helper on a rotating basis for the entire school year.  The parent/guardian is responsible for bringing the snack and drink for the class and for assisting the teacher with classroom activities.  We recognize that not every family has a parent/guardian available to assist during the day, so a non-cooperative option is also available.  The parent is still responsible for providing the snack and drink, but an aide (employed by the school) is scheduled into the classroom to assist the teacher and children.  Parents who have chosen the non-cooperative option are still welcomed and are encouraged to participate in the classroom when an opportunity arises that fits their schedules.  Tuition is increased for the non-cooperative option to cover the cost of the classroom aide.



(half-day program *OR* half-day program plus Lunch & Learning, three or four days per week)

The 3-year-old program is designed to allow the child to transition from his or her parent into a lively, engaging, and nurturing environment.  At this age, we encourage cooperative play, sharing, and self-control.  Instruction is individualized, which allows the teacher to determine the needs of each child and guide him or her in developing self-confidence and friendships.  The program includes small group work, language development through literature, music, dramatic play, the study of colors and shapes, name recognition, and seasonal and holiday activities, as well as time for free play.  Gross motor development is encouraged through outside play.  The child is encourage to develop a relationship with the teacher and take ownership for the classroom.  

1/2 day classes (from 9:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.) either three days per week or four days per week.

Extended 1/2 day classes with Lunch and Learning (from 9:15 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.) which includes time for lunch (which you provide) and afternoon learning time three days per week or four days per week.

Children must be three years old on or before October 1st of the school-year for which they are registering,  They must use the toilet on their own.

4/5-Year-old children

For the 4- to 5-year-old child, class is in session four or five mornings per week or four or five full days per week.  The program for our 4/5's is designed to continue the social development of your child with an increased academic emphasis.  The children should transition more easily from their parents and will learn that they are members of a caring community at the school.  Helpful and cooperative behavior is emphasized.  Curriculum is thematic and in the fall and winter revolves around the holidays and seasons.  The alphabet is introduced using a phonetic and project approach.  Children are encourage to visually recognize their first names and are assisted with the manual configuration of their letters.  Math is introduced through games.  Large and small group activities help to foster your child's love of talking, listening and reading - the foundations of early literacy.  Patterning, sequencing, directionality, concrete counting, visual discrimination, and fine motor activities all add to the curriculum.  The 4/5's do unit study of dental health, emergency services and safety, reptiles, insects, and disabilities.  Seasonal and holiday celebrations are also included.  The curriculum for the 4/5's is enhanced by field trips during each season.

Half-day classes are in session from 9:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Full day classes are in session from 9:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

The children must be four years old on or before October 1st of the current school year, or be eligible for enrollment in their school district's kindergarten program the following year.

playgroup (approximately 2-1/2 year-olds)

The Playgroup is designed for the younger child (starting at approximately 2-1/2 years old) as an introduction to a structured environment without the parent/caregiver.  The Playgroup provides supervised play with age-appropriate toys, simple songs, nursery rhymes, easel painting, and stories.  We also include some gross motor activities through music and occasional outside play.  Children in Playgroup do not have to use the toilet on their own, although it is desirable.  The class is in session for two hours, two or three days per week.