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  • "Faith is a Journey, not a Destination" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Being a church-tourist has its allure and its place. But the Bible encourages us to be more than just sightseers, more than spectators, but to be travelers, to be active participants in the culture of the Kingdom of God.

  • "Celebrate the Journey" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Our destination is God's heavenly promised land, but we're not there yet. How do you keep on keeping on? How do you keep faithful on a journey where, in this life at least, you never fully arrive?

  • "What does God require of us?" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    When you walk with someone you love, you don't walk ahead or behind - you walk side by side. In the words of Bruce Springsteen, "If I should fall behind, wait for me." Which is also what God wants for us. Our natural inclination is to walk with pride, but that separates us from one another and from God. We are to walk humbly...

  • "People Matter to God" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    God sent Jonah to Ninevah to preach repentance and salvation. Jonah was obedient but not enthusiastic. He had no love lost for the Ninevites, whom he had judged to be irreparably evil.  Yet his conversion sermon, only one sentence, was extraordinarily successful. Jonah wasn't happy that God had mercy. So, what do we do when God loves people that we don't?

  • "God and Evil" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    One word summarizes the first chapter of the minor prophet Habakkuk: "WHY?" It is perhaps the deepest-felt and most challenging question for people of faith - "Why do bad things happen if God is all-loving and all-powerful?" How are we called to live given the reality of evil?

  • "A Great Love Story" by Debi L. Jensen

    We sometimes learn best by having a personal example to follow. In the Book of Hosea, God uses the marriage of Hosea and Gomer to teach us that through adversity, betrayal, and even despair, God's love will be ever faithful and steadfast.

  • "Do It Now!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Our schedules can be filled with activities, appointments and accomplishments. The prophet Haggai spoke to the busy people of biblical times as well as to us today in reminding us that, in the midst of all that we do, to keep the ways of God as a priority.

  • "The Difference of Indifference" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Throughout Zephaniah there is a pattern of rebellion, restoration and rejoicing. If this book were the story of your life, in which of those three stages do you find yourself today in relation to God? Time is limited - so let us not be complacent...

  • "The Greedy and the Needy" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We pledge to be a nation "under God." The prophet Amos is pointed in rebuking a society that panders to the powerful, plays to peoples' basest fears and allows the widening gap between rich and poor. Instead of pursuing a political ideology to solve our problems, we need to pursue the Lord.

  • "Bring Your Best" by Debi L. Jensen

    The prophet Malachi spoke to the Hebrew people who had rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem. Externally, everything looked fine but the people had grown complacent and, in their worship, they were just "going through the motions." They were not bringing their best worship, love, or offerings to God. Know that God loves you and desires your honest and abiding faith and wants you to bring your best!

  • November 20, 2016

    Guest minister - no recording

  • "Hope Smells" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The incense that Zechariah burned in the temple carried the prayers of the people to heaven. People's hopes and fears ascended with the smoke and smell. What does hope smell like today? What prayers do we bring when, in the politics of our time, anger has been legitimized and hate is somewhat seemingly sanctioned? Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come!

  • December 4, 2016

    Selections from G.F. Handel's Messiah were sung by our Senior Choir.  

  • "In Him All Things Hold Together" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We are linked together by the Lordship of Christ, the one who holds all things together, holds all people together. Thus we are linked, supported, loved, touched. We are cradled in the hands of God. In response, we are to be witnesses to God's presence by being the hands of Jesus today - sharing and giving.

  • "Taste the Love" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Perhaps it was that there was "no room for him in the inn," Jesus had a passionate focus on radical hospitality and extravagant welcome for all people. Following his example, we are called to respond to the stranger in our midst...those lost and alone, those on the margins of society, immigrants and refugees.

  • "Christmas Eve Meditations"

    by Rev. Scott D. Brown and Debi L. Jensen

  • "Do not be afraid; for...see!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    God is not dead, nor doth he sleep, the wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth, and good will -- to you and, indeed, to the whole world!