2019 Archived sermons online

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  • "Good News for All the People" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    The Wise Men had a "Eureka" moment when they found the Christ Child and his mother at their home in Bethlehem.  The Wise Men had an "Epiphany" when they understood that the promise of salvation by God through his Son is given to all people throughout the world.

  • "Do Not Worry; Look; Consider; Strive" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Imperatives of Jesus:  Don't worry; look; consider; strive for the Kingdom. So...remember and believe, that just like the birds of the air or the flowers of the field, that you belong to God and that God's provision is for you.

  • "The Forgiveness Imperative" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Lost luggage is not a happy thing when flying. But in other parts of life - it's a good thing to lose the suitcase packed with resentment and the duffel bag of unforgiveness. Why forgive? How to forgive what feels unforgivable? Challenging yet vital questions as we consider a passage from Matthew 18.

  • "Come, Take, Learn" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Christians are called to live and love like Jesus - but we are also "in the world."  How to stay real and how to get refreshed for the roller coaster of life...

  • "Ask, Seek, Knock" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    What does it mean that "everyone who asks, receives?"  How do we put the imperatives of Jesus that we are to "ask, seek, and knock" into context?

  • "Do Likewise!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Compassion, sympathy, help, showing up, caring, coming close... all words associated with the Good Samaritan.  How are we to go and do likewise?  With whom can we identify in the story (Luke 10:25-37)?

  • "Celebrate!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    God loves his children!  God loves all people!  God loves you!  In Luke 15, we hear, three times, how God calls for us to rejoice when what is lost is found and how we are to celebrate when God's children come home.

  • "Love, fully." by Rev. Julia Doellman-Brown

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength - with all that makes you uniquely and wonderfully you - and share in this love with others!

  • "Take Courage" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Jesus' last words to his gathered disciples before his arrest and crucifixion were "take courage; I have overcome the world."  Despite the fragility of life and the pain and problems of the world, despite the questions of "why," God is the God of victory and resurrection.  Hang on.  Hold on.  Take courage.

  • "What is Truth" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Life is filled with challenges.  Being bold enough to be a truth-teller is a challenge, yet what we, as God's people, are called to do.

  • MARCH 17, 2019

    "The Old Testament Fast Forward" intergenerational musical was presented complete with songs and stories about characters from the books of the Old Testament. 

  • "Not My Will" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Gardens in the Bible are places of prayer, temptation and perseverance.  We seek to follow faithfully by praying along with Jesus, "not my will, but thine be done."

  • A short homily by Rev. Scott D. Brown accompanying the worshipful presentation of "Requiem" of Gabriel Faure, by the Monmouth University Chamber Choir and our congregation's Sanctuary Choir.  Over fifty voices lifting up prayers for eternal rest for those who have died.  We give thanks that we are called, chosen and cherished by our Heavenly Father who promises the gift of Paradise.

  • "Surely, not I..." by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Judas betrays Jesus and Peter denies Jesus.  Their stories end differently as Peter accepts the gift of forgiveness and grace.  Will you?

  • PALM Sunday, APRIL 14, 2019

    "Save Us, Now!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    In order to better grasp the meaning and message of Palm Sunday, we need to understand the background song and symbolism.  As we begin Holy Week, we praise Jesus the Messiah, the King of Peace.

  • "It is Finished" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    The last words of Jesus on Good Friday, “It is finished” bring us sorrow.  But there is a way to hear these words in a mighty and triumphant way!

  • "He Is Risen" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Christ is risen!  Alleluia!  And Jesus goes before his disciples to Galilee.  Scripture says "there he will meet them."  So too for us, through dangers, toils and snares, God leads us to our Galilee; God leads us home.

  • "Dear God..." by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The story of doubting Thomas is often our story.  As we pray, we waiver between certainty and uncertainty and, in prayer, lift up all our cares to our risen Savior who has promised us "peace!"
  • "The Walk to Emmaus" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    Two believers walked home to Emmaus saddened by the death of Christ.  They were so immersed in their grief that they failed to recognize Jesus walking beside them.  Are you looking for Jesus in your life?  He is there beside you always.

  • "Waiting" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Waiting is a challenging thing to do.  As Americans we live in a fast-paced, hurry-up-and-go society.  How then can we faithfully "wait upon the Lord?'  The text from Isaiah 40, with its imagery of mounting up with wings of eagles, of running and not becoming weary, or walking and not becoming faint, is our guide.

  • MAY 19, 2018

    Youth Sunday

    Our Senior High youth led worship with scripture, skits, homilies, music and the Gospel for Children illustrating how we should stay connected to God, our church and our community.

  • "Finishing Well" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Commencement addresses typically dispense advice on how to begin, to commence, well.  As Christians, how are we called not to just start, but finish well?  The text of the last words of King David provide a good format of how to live a full, fruitful and faithful life.

  • "The Journey" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    "What does it mean to "work out" our salvation as the Apostle Paul instructs in his letter to the Philippians?  Faith-development is never finished - but rather a life-time journey. We're called to "get better" - to love more generously, to serve more selflessly, to worship more praise-worthily, to give more sacrificially.

  • "Holy Wind" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Pentecost! Blow, Holy Spirit, blow! Be inspired to love more outrageously, to give more sacrificially, to care more unguardedly, to speak the name of Jesus more forthrightly, to welcome more inclusively, to serve more intentionally!

  • "Trinity - Three in One" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    Trinity Sunday is the time to remember and honor our God Three-in-One.  God above me, God beside me, and God within me is the trinitarian God of our faith.

  • "Our Father" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Beginning a sermon series on the Lord's Prayer - a prayer that's learned by children and yet takes a life-time to live out, this sermon looks at what it means to address God as Father and the implication of the word "our."

  • "Hallowed be thy Name" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The seeming ease with which people use the name of God or Jesus to cavalierly express their frustration or the number of times people mindlessly say “oh my God” makes me think or hope anyway, that they just must not know what they are doing.  But it’s a problem…

  • "Time for a Tune-Up" by Jim McQuerrey

  • "It's Kingdom Time" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    What would the world look like if the prayer "thy kingdom come - on earth as it is in heaven" would come to pass?  For the Kingdom of God is at hand!  Let us live and love like Jesus.

  • "Daily Bread" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Give us this day our daily bread.  Note the plural pronouns!  We're in this together.  As we pray for the myriad of daily needs, we seek to support one another in specific ways, always abiding in the amazing grace of our providing God.

  • "Limiting the Unlimited God" by Ben Zaccaria

  • "Vanity, All is Vanity" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    The Book of Ecclesiastes teaches us that our lives have no meaning without the blessings of God. To enjoy the earthly pleasures of life, we must remember that we cannot find meaning in the things of life unless we give glory to God as the Great Giver of all that we have.

  • "Debts/Trespasses/Sins" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    In the Lord's Prayer, we ask: "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." The small word "as" has huge implications. Seeking forgiveness from God and granting forgiveness to others are inextricably linked. Yet God's grace is such that forgiveness abides and abounds!

  • "Lead Us Not, but Deliver Us!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Temptation!  It's something every person deals with.  The question is not whether we will be tempted but rather how do we respond?  The sixth petition of the Lord's Prayer asks, "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

  • "God is our Strength and Song" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    On this hymn sing Sunday, a brief reflection on the importance of worshiping together, praying together, singing together.  Isaiah 12 is an ancient hymn giving thanks for God's sovereignty.  The congregation has just sung "In Christ Alone," a hymn from 2001 that also praises God who is our strength and song.

  • "The Kingdom, Power and Glory" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We conclude the sermon series on the Lord's Prayer by looking at God's kingdom, God's power, and God's glory!  God is in charge, available, and to be praised.  To God be the glory!

  • "God's Story and Our Story" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    On this, the church's rally day, we look back to how God has been at work in history, what God is calling our congregation to do in the future - and ever and always to abound in gratitude.

  • "The Beginning of the Story" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    God is Creator! We begin a systematic progression of looking at scripture passages in the Old Testament. In creating, God invites us to share in the joy of blessing all the earth and all creatures of our God and King. Here's how to spend a great day with God...

  • "Where is Isaac?" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    Abraham and his wife Sarah are chosen by God to build the Hebrew nation. Even though they are old, God blesses them with a son, Isaac - the "laughter" of their lives.  But there is a difficult story in their lives when Abraham hears God ask him to sacrifice the life of their son. Why would God ask for such a thing? And when the sacrifice is stopped by an angel of the Lord, what happens to Isaac and where is he?

  • "Isaac, Jacob and Joseph" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    In the final half of the book of Genesis we find complicated family dynamics and significant sibling rivalry.  Reconciliation is never assured - but God is always at work, promoting peace, seeking restitution, bringing forth salvation.  As you look back over your life, how do you see God at work, even in the times of challenge?

  • "Moses, the Early Years" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Moses is a pivotal figure in the Bible.  Cradled, Chosen, Called and Commissioned by God - though he didn't think he was the best choice - God was with him.  God is with us too, we are just to "be still and know that God is God" and God then works through us and for us, even to life eternal!

  • "Moses and the Chamber of Secrets" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Do you find it hard to wait?  You are not alone - Moses waited, too.  God, in the second half of Exodus, over and over, works as we wait.  God instructs to build a tabernacle, so that God could dwell with the people as a visible reminder that God is with us... always. 

  • "Faithful Then, Faithful Now!" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Life is full of choices.  Caleb, from the book of Numbers, provides an example of the choice to trust God.  The other scouts of the Promised Land react out of fear and the consequence is years of wandering.  How will you choose to approach life?

  • "The Stewardship of Pain" by Rev. Jeffrey Munroe

    A sermon based on Matthew 25:14-30 by the Reverend Jeffrey Munroe, Executive Vice President at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigian.

  • Scripture Reading and Sermon from Joshua 1-6: 24 (chapter 7 of The Story) by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The book of Joshua tells of many battles in conquest of the Promised Land. This sermon focuses on the battle of Jericho and specifically the story of Rahab. As God uses her, so does God have ways to use each one of us to bring strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

  • "Power to the People" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    The cycle of sin, repentance, and redemption is the theme for the stories in the Book of Judges. Twelve judges are lifted up by God to help the people of Israel but twelve times they fail to worship and trust the One True God. This sermon shows how power and wisdom come from God alone and how God continues to love us all.

  • Scripture Reading and Sermon - Ruth by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The four-chapter book of Ruth, set in the time of the Judges, is a tender story of hope amidst hopelessness and how God uses the unlikely people of the world in order to redeem the world!

  • Scripture Reading and Sermon - Saul by Rev. Scott Brown

    We continue our chronological walk through the Old Testament as we listen to the story of Saul, Israel's first King, and learn lessons of trust and obedience.

  • "Prepare Him Room" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The story in Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus included "no room."  In our day we need to provide a different response.  How can we prepare a place for Jesus even as he prepares a place for us?  Let us "prepare Him room..."

  • "Repeat the Sounding Joy" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The second stanza of Joy to the World - written 300 years ago, resounds with "repeat the sounding joy."  What is joy?  Why and how can we repeat it in our world today?

  • "His Blessings Flow" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The Bible contains many stories, but it is one continuous story of our relationship to God - how we were alienated from God, and God's plan of redemption and salvation.  God's grace, revealed in Jesus, covers all our sin, or as the third stanza of "Joy to the World" puts it, God's blessings flow far as the curse is found.

  • "...and wonders of His love" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The conclusion of an Advent sermon series on the text of "Joy to the World" - which was written by Isaac Watts 300 years ago.  Although not explicitly mentioning Jesus, angels, shepherds, animals, Mary, Joseph, or kings - the wonders of God's love are evident as we remember that "In the beginning was the Word!"

  • "Christmas Eve Meditations - The Places of Christmas"

             by Rev. Scott D. Brown and Pastor Debi L. Jensen

  • "What Next?" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The shepherds and wise men were transformed by an encounter with Jesus.  What about us?  What's next?  What ought to frame our new year?