church nursery

and family room

Professional Nursery Care is available during both the 9:15 and 11:00 a.m. worship services for children ages birth though two years. Our nursery caregiver, Allison Scher, is a NJ Certified teacher, is trained in pediatric CPR, and is currently the Playgroup teacher for our Nursery School. Allison is assisted by members of our church family. Pagers are given to parents in the event of an emergency. The church nursery is located downstairs from the Sanctuary.

The Family Room, also located downstairs from the Sanctuary (and across the hall from the church nursery), offers comfortable seating for adults, Bibles and hymnals, and children's books. The worship service is streamed "live" to this room -- so you can still participate in worship even if your child is having difficulty sitting through the worship service.