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  • "Which Was What Was Wanted" by Pastor Debi Jensen

    The Apostle Paul continues in his letter urging the Christians of Philippi (and us today) to make his joy complete by putting away all envy, anger, and strife and to "live in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ." On Worldwide Communion Sunday, we celebrate our oneness in Christ with Christians around the world.  This is what God wants for us all.

  • "Living Under House Arrest" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Philippians 1:12-30 lifts up Paul's circumstances and how he learns to live in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. How can we apply that to living in the time of Covid-19?

  • "Living at Two Addresses" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We begin a sermon series on the book of Philippians.  The Apostle Paul writes from jail - yet despite circumstance speaks of the joy of being "in Christ."  We too can find resiliency through faith.

  • "Worried?" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The 11th commandment?  Jesus says, "Do not worry."  Is that even possible?  How to hand off our worries to God...

  • "Reassurances from Revelation 1" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    "The Story" concludes with lessons from the final book of the Bible.  John provides a glimpse into the culmination of blessing and salvation as Jesus is the beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega!

  • "Wisdom and Mentorship" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The apostle Paul is near the close of his life - and he wants to finish well.  Using the metaphor of a race, he (and the sermon) speaks of ways to ensure we cross the finish line with joy.

  • "Pass It On" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    "The church exists by mission as fire exists by burning," said Emil Brunner, noted theologian.  Paul's missionary journeys highlight how we, as the church, are to be about "outreach" not "inreach."

  • "Draw the Circle Wide" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The Acts of the Apostles talk about how God's grace extends from Jerusalem to the entire world. To make that expansive outreach, the faith is shared not just with Jews but also with Gentiles. The sermon, focusing on Acts 10, speaks of how God draws the circle of inclusion wide.

  • "The Resurrection" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Easter is the foundation of our faith. As we continue "the Story," the chronological, comprehensive journey through the Bible, we arrive at the Good News of resurrection! The sermon looks to the events immediately following, specifically the risen Savior's encounter with Simon Peter. How does the gift of eternal life and full forgiveness inform your faith?

  • "The Hour of Darkness" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    As we continue through "the Story" we arrive at the time in Jesus' life commonly known as "Holy Week." The days leading up to the cross coincide with Passover. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world - and provides the path to salvation. Receive this Good News and live!

  • "Jesus, the Son of God" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    Martha provided Jesus and his disciples with the hospitality of home and hearth.  Mary gave the hospitality of attention and care.  Both are important in showing Christian love and devotion.  We are all both "Martha and Mary" when we show our love of God and love for others.

  • "Truth of Our Country and God" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    The Declaration of Independence declared our nation to be greater than tyranny allowed us to be.  The Bible teaches us how to be a nation for greatness for all if we follow the commandments of God and become the hands and feet of Christ on earth.

  • "No Ordinary Man" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    As the congregation continues with "The Story" we come to a chapter which contains much of Jesus' teaching.  Today's message focuses on a major section - the sermon on the mount, and in particular, the Beatitudes.  #Blessed

  • "Jesus' Ministry Begins" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We invite you into God's story - the greatest story ever told!  Jesus calls his first disciples; Jesus calls us.  How (and why) should we respond?

  • "The Birth of the King" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We begin the New Testament overview of "The Story" this morning.  With the Good News of the incarnation, we celebrate a Christmas in June!

  • "Tell Me a Story" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    Each of us has a story of our life and it begins with our name. When Moses asks for God's name, God says "I am the God of your ancestors and I will be the God of your children." The name of Jesus comes with the promise that his kingdom will last forever. Let us tell our children the story of the glory of God and God's son, our Lord and Savior.

  • "The Day of Pentecost" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The Day of Pentecost is a day of power and promise.  As we seek to grow in the blessings, we are reminded that life is too short to live without God, life is too fragile not to lean on Jesus, life is too hard not to be refueled by the Holy Spirit.

  • "Nehemiah" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We conclude the Old Testament portion of "The Story" with readings from Nehemiah.  Nehemiah goes to Jerusalem from Persia to rebuild the holy city's walls.  His lessons of rebuilding though are not only applicable to walls - but rebuilding the very community of God!

  • May 17, 2020

    Youth Sunday

    The Senior High Youth led online worship with scripture, homilies, a slide show from past mission trips, music and more, sharing how their faith has grown and guided them during this pandemic,

  • "Esther" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Esther is a woman of valor – a role model of stepping up in the midst of a challenging time to help advance the Realm of God. What can we learn and apply from her story in our own challenging times?

  • "Why??????" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    The questions of suffering are many. The answers are often not given. We find connection, and direction, and hope in the story of Job from the Old Testament.

  • "Pandemic Lessons from Daniel" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Back to “the Story” we pick up the Old Testament after the fall of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. God’s people are exiled in Babylon. In our time of displacement and emotional exile, we can find hope in the ancient stories found in the ever-relevant Word of God.

  • "Questions are Welcomed" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    A week after Easter, the disciples were sequestered – but Jesus isn’t held back from appearing to the questioning disciples. So we too bring our questions even as we abide in faith!

  • "Victory Against All Odds" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Though the dangers of this world are ever-evident, the joy of Easter and the promise of resurrection is what has the last word! God always has one more move!

  • "Hosanna! Save Us!" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    Palm Sunday brings Jesus into Jerusalem humble riding on a donkey.  "Hosanna" cry the people wanting to be saved from the oppression of Rome.  Jesus will save them and will save us as well but not with earthly power.  Instead, he will save through the power of love.

  • "Walking with Jesus Despite Challenging Times" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Joshua was called to live and lead in the tumultuous times after the death of Moses.  So much was uncertain.  Yet the command comes to “be strong and courageous” and “be not frightened or dismayed.”  How can we live that out in our times?  Listen for ways in which we can walk with God.

  • "Deep Questions" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    In these times of unprecedented challenge, we yet worship God. Looking to the "suffering servant" passage of Isaiah 53, we know that we have one who is "a man of sorrows" and "acquainted with grief."  Despite suffering, because of God's love we are redeemed!  Love wins!  Love never ends!

  • "Overturning Business as Usual" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    With the pandemic changing our lives and our world in unprecedented ways, we look to God, our Rock and our Salvation.  What do we do when we can no longer do "business as


  • "Take Up" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    What does it mean to "take up a cross?"  Jesus was very clear that following him might not be a smooth ride.  How are we to take up the causes of Jesus in our day?

  • "Water and Wilderness" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Instead of giving up something for Lent, we look at the events of Jesus coming up from the waters of his baptism and being driven into the wilderness.  This story gives hope and help for us today.

  • "What Really Matters?" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Rather than "giving up" in Lent this season, the scriptures ask us to consider what Jesus is "up to."  Today we consider alternatives to storing up treasures on earth.

  • "No One Listens to a Prophet" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    The prophets speak but the people do not listen. Even though the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel warn of the destruction of their countries, temples, and families, no one will listen to the prophets. When our lives become hard and dry, let us not turn away from God but listen for the words of hope for a new beginning.

  • "Our Place in the Story" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    As the Northern Kingdom was destroyed by Assyria and the Southern Kingdom then under threat from Babylon, the prophet Isaiah speaks.  Remember who you are!  Remember whose you are!

  • "Under God" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    Although the northern kingdom of Israel was enjoying outward affluence, the widening gap between rich and poor exposed the poverty of their souls.  The prophet Amos carries God's message of love for all people and how we are to let our hearts be broken on behalf of those in need.

  • "Discernment" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    King Rehoboam (1 Kings 12) should have and could have taken the advice of wise leaders. Yet he thought he knew better. When facing decisions, where do we go for counsel? Who ought we seek as a good guide? How do we discern the direction of God?

  • "Solomon" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    King Solomon was blessed with the God-given gift of wisdom.  Some of his legacy is found in the book of Proverbs.  How does this book of pithy sayings guide us today?

  • "Feet of Clay" by Pastor Debi L. Jensen

    David is the most remembered and revered king of Israel. But we learn that he is a human and prone to sin as we all are. His sin of adultery with Bathsheba affects his life and the lives of those around him. When his friend Nathan confronts him, David asks God for forgiveness and then lives his life under God's protecting grace.

  • "David" by Rev. Scott D. Brown

    We resume our walk through the Old Testament, picking up "The Story" with the early years of David. What lessons about power and humility are gleaned from the interactions between King Saul and the one who would become the next King of Israel?

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